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Dear Kids,


I am writing to inform you of a time that compares to nothing I have ever experienced. The whole country is at a pause and we are in quarantine with nothing but our homes and family. We are socially distant from the people we chose to surround ourselves with daily. A virus is in control during this time and many people are feeling the impact. This is something you will be reading in your history book one day and I can guarantee you it will not share the emotions that have come along with COVID-19. There is a lot of unknown right now which is scary but having faith and remaining optimistic is all we can do. To get out of my comfort zone I wrote a poem to describe my personal experience with this virus.


Covid-19 is a pandemic that will go down in history.

The future for all is now a mystery.

Whatever happens, happens

No longer need junior year instagram captions.

The pit was full of singing and free snacks,

Now theres nothing to do but walk on my high school track.

Corona is impacting many people at a quick pace

People are dying, jobs are firing, what is to be of the human race?

Social distance they say.

I talk to Jesus and pray,

For a cure to be found

Or a treatment to come around.

Things I once did everyday

Are canceled until May.

No one knows, not even the president

Parents, who know everything, are even hesitant.

Wash your hands and cancel your plans.

Stay inside and confide

As we get use to this new way of living

I realize I havent been as giving.

I have taken for granite family time

Now we get to be together to drink tequila with lime.

What once I was too busy for

Now seems like exercise galore.

One more year of college to get more knowledge.

Zoom university seems like a blur to me.

Going to the park to stop stressing

Reflecting on what I have, what a blessing.

I would not be with family right now

Spending time, hanging out, cooking up some chow.

COVID-19 cannot take our love

Even though this is a time of push come to shove.

I encourage you to never take anything for granite

One day it may be taken from you in panic.

Be kind and spread some cheer

Say thank you to essential workers because we need them here.

Reflect during this time on who you want to be

Take life one day at a time to be able to see

All that you have and all that you share

With the people that truly care.

COVID-19 has been like nothing before

Remain optimistic and hope shall be restored.


Try to find some good through all of the bad. Think about all the things that you have because one day they could be stripped from you. There is no way to be able to relate to this experience unless you were here, so I hope this poem gives you a small glimpse into our lives in the spring of 2020.



Your Mom

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