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Dear President Trump,

As we are getting close to election night, I am writing to you to express some of my concerns in regard to the effect of COVID-19 on me personally, my peers and family, and our nation as a whole.

Compare to other countries, specifically, my home country – Taiwan, United States was certainly underprepared for this crisis. Even until this day, Taiwan only has less than 400 cases while United States are almost at one million. This difference is absurd considering Taiwan is only about 1,300 miles away from Mainland China. As the news about the virus started coming out in early January, Taiwan’s National Health Command Center (NHCC) were quick to take actions to stop the spread of the virus, while other countries, including United States, were still debating whether to action at all. The very first action was to ban all forms of travel from China. Then, the government started mass producing face masks and distributing them at all convenience stores, which are literally everywhere all over the country. Most importantly, all hospitals started doing mass testing and retesting people.

As a result of your poor response to this crisis, my life has been exceptionally stressful just like many others in this nation. My university moved all classes virtual, which has caused learning exceptionally difficult. As a junior majoring in economics, not being able to meet some of my professors in person affected my academic performance tremendously. I could not see any of my friends due to social distancing or my parents for that matter, this has caused me a lot of anxiety considering they are both almost 70 years old.

In the case that you do get re-elected, I sincerely hope that by reading about the pain and suffering that you have caused on our nation can motivate you to prepare the United States better for the next pandemic by mimicking the Taiwanese government’s actions.

Thank you,


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