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Dear Faith,


It’s been a while, huh? I’m praying that you are doing great – that you found the right man, maybe started a family, got the house and car you wanted, and just living life happily. Most importantly, I pray that you are in a great place mentally. If you think back to this year, 2020 has been everything short of sweet. What we thought would be an amazing beginning to a prosperous decade turned sour really fast in the four months that we’ve experienced so far. The spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has played a major role in the chaos that is 2020. Because of social distancing and “Stay at Home” orders, schools all across the country have closed. Being forced to move back home mid-March was never in the plans, especially with having to be isolated for such an extended period of time. It has truly been an experience I’m sure you haven’t forgotten. This unthinkable time has taught you a lot about yourself, Faith. You are learning so much about who you truly are, what you are capable of, and how to handle what life throws at you even though it seems like you are falling apart. Here’s your reminder.


During this time, if you remember, you struggled with your mental and emotional health. Being isolated with little human interaction has affected you in ways you never thought it would. The feeling of being overwhelmed creeps in often. You are scared; you have strong fears of loved ones contracting COVID-19, fears of getting it yourself, and fears stemming from uncertainty of the sickness. Millions of thoughts race through your head days on end and you’ve lost motivation to get anything done. However, you have found ways to cope. Faith, you have been pushing yourself even when you didn’t think you were. Think about it. Music has always been second hand nature to you; it is a part of your everyday life. The time you spend listening to it, dancing to it, doing homework to it are all times where you have been using it as therapy. Music provides you with a safe zone and gives you time to release, even if just for a moment. Also, you’ve pushed yourself to get things done even if you turned them in late or didn’t have the energy to complete it until the last minute, you got it done. You’ve started posting videos on your Youtube channel again. You are making strides in a time where it is so easy to give up on everything. Remember how much of a fighter you are every single day you live, Faith. It is not easy. Remind yourself why you are an artist, a maker. Remind yourself that you have conquered numerous obstacles in the short 21 years that you had on this Earth when you wrote this letter. Remind yourself that as you read this letter in a new stage in your life, you have made it out of 2020 with more understanding of what you have to do to keep yourself going and that it is okay to allow yourself to feel. You are so strong, Faith. NEVER forget that.




April 27, 2020

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