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Dear Future Me,

As I write this letter right now, almost everyone is overwhelmed with a multitude of emotions. I want to remind you of all of this, not to rekindle those negative emotions, but instead to show you how something this detrimental can actually be seen as a blessing in disguise. First, I want you to remember how bad things can really get. I want you to remember that you haven’t seen your dad, or grandparents, or friends that you see every week in over a month. I want you to remember how deeply this affects you because I know how much you care about them. I want you to remember everything you feel because of this, but there’s more that I want you to takeaway. I want you to remember how inspired you were by all the essential workers, to embrace the power of community and reflect on the fact that you have a family that goes beyond just blood relation. I hope you understand that all the luxuries you have in life, everything you thought you needed isn’t required, but rather simply just that – a luxury. I included a drawing of a scene in the movie The Jungle Book. There’s a song called “The Bare Necessities,” and it talks about taking a step back from life to enjoy the simplicity around you. I hope in the future, you always remember to do this. Remember to take time for yourself, to prioritize your wellbeing, to find new and creative ways to have fun, that you love to draw and watch Disney movies, and listen to music to relieve your stress. Remember to be thankful for your friends and family the time you get to spend with them. Remember to find the positives in everything you experience, and to always learn and grow as a person. I don’t want you to forget anything about this time in your life. It was hard, long, frustrating and scary, but it helped shape you. I don’t know when all of this madness will end, if we’ll be quarantined a month or a year from now, or if things will ever return to “normal.” I do know this – one day, I will read this letter and it will just be a memory. I hope more than anything when that day comes, I can proudly look back and say that because I was a part of this experience, I am who I am today.

Yours truly,


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