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Dear Cameron,

Who would’ve thought this is how your four years would end at Carolina? Back when you were a freshman, you wanted nothing more than school to end. The “picture perfect” college life you saw on TV was nothing like you experienced. From roommate drama to difficult classes, college took a toll on you. With that being said, you were always a fighter. You knew you could make it to graduation, even though your classes weren’t always the easiest. If I could go back in time I wish I could tell you to cherish every moment. You sometimes took your time at UNC-CH for granted, which I’m sure every college student is filled with the same regrets at one point or another in their life, but nothing could’ve prepared you for your last semester of senior year.

COVID-19, an extremely contagious virus and the first pandemic you’ve ever witnessed first-hand. Not only did this shape the end of your college career, but also how you interact with people in society. Next time you see your friends, things will be different. You’ll hope everything will go back to normal and you can have the graduation you always dreamed of, but to be honest – it won’t. This pandemic is not only shaping the present, but also your future. It’s up to you to decide if you’ll let it bring you down, or use it as motivation to work on yourself and be the best person you can be. Until researchers can find a vaccine, the world as you knew it will never be the same again. No more hugs as greetings, bottles of hand sanitizer in your pocket everywhere you go, and less events where large crowds are welcome. For some people it was Vietnam, for others it was 9/11, but for your generation it will be known as COVID-19.


Stay safe and be smart,

Cameron 2020

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