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Dear Hand Sanitizer,

We have been together since the dawn of time. I used to use you just to find an excuse to get up and flex my “outfit of the day” in class. I would raise my hand, and very confidently say, “can I get some hand sanitizer”. I would then walk VERY slowly to the front of the classroom, where my 3rd grade teacher Ms. Stanly kept the hand sanitizer and grab two pumps so I get the full 99.9% of germs off of my hand. I would turn around so everyone could see me at my good angles (P.S* every angle is a good one), and then I would sit back down while continuing to rub my hands together as they dry. I never truly understood your value until I thought I had lost you for good. The day came, March 12th when I found out that you had left without saying goodbye. So much was going on in the world that I didn’t realize that this was the time I needed you most. I was always taught to give individuals their flowers before its too late, so in honor of you I want to truly say thank you. Thank you for being there when I didn’t really have the slightest bit of motivation to get up go wash my hands. Thank you, for being at every cookout, every birthday party, beach trip, and family function that can never be forgotten. No matter how many names you have received throughout the years, Equate, Purell, Germ-x, or Bath and Body Works, you will still be known as “that good stuff: in my heart. I know that times are changing for you and you are becoming quite the celebrity in our current society, but I want you to know that you deserve it. You have worked hard for this moment your whole existence. Many individuals may have doubted your skills in the past, but now it your time to shine, now it’s your time to be the hand sanitizer that I know you are. Continue to be great, and I hope to hear about your return very soon.

Warmest Regards,

Cameron Baker


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