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To the Boy Who Wants Everything,


By this time now, you probably thought you’d be halfway on your way to the bright sunny

California skies. Sophomore year, this was the year you promised yourself you were gonna make

your mark on college. This was the year you were finally going to get it all together and figure

everything out. And, of course, that didn’t happen. The fall semester was probably your worst

academically and mentally. You struggled like you’ve never struggled before.


Yes, this was the year you had to truly come to grips with failure and not achieving your

picture-perfect plan. And it hurt; it stung. The countless rejections, the numerous late and

missing assignments, the destruction and demolition of previous friendships. For a while, it made

you question whether this was all really worth it. You asked yourself, “Am I really happy here?”

Then, suddenly, you seemingly had bigger problems. In one short swoop, jam-packed streets

transformed into ghost towns. The once bustling arenas crying “Rah Rah Carolina” were locked

up for the foreseeable future. The world began to mirror much of your life: directionless. But

with this change of circumstances, you had all the time in the world to yourself. Suddenly, you

could explore who you were without quotidian college life breathing down your back. And you

found your creative side, the side that allows you to embrace who you are, the side that doesn’t

have to change for other people, the side where you found the inner peace you’ve been looking

for your entire life.


And almost like a dust of magic, things changed. Even though much of the world was now

closed, you began to open yourself up to new experiences and new people. You began to view

your surroundings through a unique lens and comprehended the beauty of what was around you.

You came to understand that your creativity is what separates you, it’s what allows you to grow

as you envision the man you want to become. That’s what much of your journey at Carolina has

been all about. But that journey is just beginning. To progress in this marathon, you have to face

the challenges of life, you have to accept that sometimes the greatest mistakes you make can

open up some of life’s greatest doors. Because isn’t that what being a creative means? The

ability to discover innovation and art from even the most undesirable of situations and transform

it into something special.


So, I can’t really tell you exactly what you’ll be up to right now. Because as 2020 showed us,

nothing ever really goes according to plan. But I know this: You’ll never go wrong as long as

you embrace your creative side and bounce back from any obstacle, no matter how large.

Because as Babe Ruth said, “You just can’t beat the guy that never gives up.”



2020 You


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